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Welcome to Florida Med Jobs website! This is the first of many posts. I feel it is only fitting I share a little bit about myself. I am a distinguished woman (Janice) having had a full career in the healthcare industry. I have worked many jobs as a Registered Nurse in many different disciplines. I am a widow of 16+ years now and love and miss my husband dearly.He died of colon cancer which went undetected for many years and all of a sudden, whammy…he was sick in the hospital bed and died! His sudden and unfortunate death left me on a crusade to pursue health in a much more than normal manner. I say much more than normal in that I feel I am actually doing everything I can to help promote health and wellness. I do not want to only help Florida develop better living habits, it just so happens I currently am residing in Florida as Joe (my late husband) loved to vacation here, so I too have learned to enjoy the beauty of the everglades as well just like him.

I have worked in 5 different states and traveled to 6 different countries and seen 37 out of the 50 states in America. As cliche as it sounds I like to take long walks at eh beach, especially at sunset. I enjoy spending time with my children (4) and grandchildren (9). I have been in both hospital administrative as well as daily grunt work as a line staff. I have worked at a various treatment centers and visiting many more. I mentioned earlier that I am a distinguished women in that I have earned many prestigious awards. I am purposely not sharing too much detail about my bio because of one simple thing. It is not about me. This website as previously mentioned is all about educating the masses and helping us learn exactly what our jobs are when it comes to medical health care of self and others.

I have two adorable puppies and love listening to rare classic rock. I will post a video or two of some of the stuff I am talking about. I look forward to learning more about all of you so do not be shy and let’s get the ball rolling on this. Thanks for visiting and once again…welcome! Here are those videos I was speaking about.



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